Write a reflection about your work in class. The reflection should be at least 5 sentences. It must be on a separate piece of paper.

Answer the following questions in your reflection
1) Did you use your time wisely?
2) Did you follow directions?
3) Did you follow the directions of your leader? If you are the leader- Did you lead your group well?
4) Did you work well with other members of your group?
5) Would you improve the way you worked? Yes or No, Explain your answer

—I learned I have to listen to other people. Sometimes it is hard for a group to make a decision because there are so many ideas and thoughts. Working as a group, members not only have to share their information, but also listen to each other. I think that collaborating with others in the future will be very good for me. I think the more I work with others on projects, the more I will learn. Different people always provide various kinds of information, and I think that is very beneficial in working in a group. I will be able to collaborate with my peers in the future by allowing myself to open up to new ideas that people have. I find that if you have an open mind, things usually go more smoothly.

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